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Did you Know That You Can Now Have Fantastic White Teeth, Naturally And Without Any Sensitivity?

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The UK's Best Selling Home Teeth Whitening Kit.


For years now Dentists and Retailers have been using highly concentrated based gels to whiten teeth, although these gels are highly effective they can cause severe sensitivity and until now there has never been a proven alternative.


Thanks To Botanical White You Now Have a SAFE PROVEN & CHEAPER Alternative to Dentists!

No Teeth Whitening SensitivityDentists can now NO LONGER offer high percentage peroxide teeth whitening treatments, the highest level they can now legally offer is just 6%.

Also, any visit to the Dentist it is going to be expensive, upwards of £300 to £500 for a kit the Dentist will in all likelihood give to you to take home.

Searching online for reputable suppliers of home based kits is not easy, look at how many do not have proper contact details such as addresses or telephone numbers.

Sodium Perbonate, used in many other home whitening kits has now also been banned.

However with Botanical White's Teeth Whitening Kit you no longer have to worry about the cost, quality of the kits or lack of customer service.


The Amazing Botanical White, Home Teeth Whitening Kit!

Botanical White is a very easy to use home teeth whitening kit that can lighten your teeth by up to 11 shades in DAYS.

All you need to get a perfect white smile is included in the kits from the patented whitening formula, mouth trays and easy to follow instructions.

"You're not the only teeth whitening company" I hear you ask.

Thats is of course true, there are many other home teeth whitening kits.

But what makes ours different?

For Starters:

  • THE FIRST OF ITS KIND: This is the first real branded non-sensitive kit available online in the UK.
  • More Gel: With over 120ml of gel in our Ultimate Kits, Botanical White gives you far more gel than other kits on the market.
  • Botanical White is a very easy product to use. People have said they have seen results in just 30 mins and in just days from now your teeth can be far far whiter.  
  • Natural ingredients included... specially selected ingredients that mean you will soothe your teeth and gums as they whiten and you will actually help to strengthen your teeth.
  • No Added Fluoride... unlike other whitening products, Botanical White contains no fluoride Many governments and health agencies are now banning fluoride and removing it from water. In the US studies now show a link between fluoride and cancers. Fluoride is widely regarded as a toxic substance that over time can cause serious health issues. BOTANICAL WHITE CONTAINS NO FLUORIDE making it the safest non-peroxide teeth whitening kit on the market today.

You get more gel in our kits than you actually need, to ensure that you get white teeth FAST (with no sensitivity) you can then maintain it easily for many many years. Our pricing just can't be beaten!

Special offer pricing available THIS WEEK ONLY:
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Botanical White Before & After Photos

Here are some recent pictures that our customers have sent us - they have been taken after only a week!

We have been selling various FDA Approved Teeth Whitening products online for over 8 years so we know a thing or two about teeth whitening.

Do you want White Teeth? Then just place you order through the website today . We will get your kit in the post the very same day 

Latest Written Testimonials


I'm a big, big fan of the kit I bought from Botanical White. I have been very impressed with the results and the service I have received from it.

Jason Berkley- Ipswich September 2014

I am now a huge fan of Botanical White. The product really does everything they says they can do and my teeth are not sensitive which wasn't the case when I used Crest Whitestips in the past.

Also you really get so much for your money. I hope you all have as amazing results as I did!!! FABULOUS - LOVE IT!

Veronica Beatty - Golders Green August 2014

Botanical White Complies with all EU/UK Regulations!

Fantastic results and excellent value for money. Have received many compliments on how white my teeth are. I would definitely recommend it.

Michael Casey - London August 2014

Botanical White Really Does Whiten & Strengthen Your Teeth Without Any Sensitivity

It's Important to Keep the Following in Mind!

Your Health should be paramount to you, Botanical White will ensure you get the results that you want without compromising your teeth. The patented whitening gel means that you aren't going to suffer from extra sensitivity in your teeth and you are more likely to stick with the whitening process.

Seriously, pain free, value for money whitening IS possible now, thanks to Botanical White teeth whitening gel. Try it today and you'll actually feel the difference.

Botanical White contains specially selected natural ingredients ensuring you can not only whiten your teeth safely but strengthen them too.


Botanical White Will Give You a Sparkling White Smile that Will Give You Untold Confidence:

  • No more worrying about people judging your stained, dull smile.
  • Get Ready for Compliments! Believe Us, people are going to start giving you compliments
  • Your Career Will Soar. Whether it is speaking in public, attending interviews or meeting clients, your smile will no longer bother you!
  • With the confidence boost you'll get with Botanical White, meeting new people, socialising or dating will all be a complete breeze.

Botanical White Teeth Whitening Kit Is The Best Natural Tooth Whitener Available ... But It Gives You Such Value For The Money You Spend

You really could be forgiven for expecting Botanical White to be double the price of other whiteners ... but it's not. You will be amazed at how cost effective your new smile will be...

And This Is With The Fact:

  • You are going to be using a product that is safe with so many natural ingredients 
  • Botanical White has a SHELF LIFE OF 2 YEARS and with SO MUCH Gel, this means that you can top up your smile with the extra gel we give you so you save more money over time.

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